Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy 16th Birthday Brian

Gord and Brian are headed out to the last "Riders" game of the season. It's a "Brisk" prairie day today, hence the numerous layers of clothing!

And yes, it is hard to believe that my "baby" turns 16 today. I am so proud and grateful to see what a really wonderful young man he is turning into. He is intelligent and thoughtful and he is coping very very well with the stressful circumstances life has already thrown his way. He also has a very quiet and almost dignified way about him, which he definitely did NOT get from me, but it is very rewarding to observe anyway!

I'm very grateful to be home from the hospital on his birthday, an unexpected gift for me !!!

Cheers to all, and thanks for all the good wishes!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brian and Go Riders Go! Love, Uncle Nick and Aunt Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Pass on a Happy Birthday from all of us Joanne. Glad to hear you're home and was able to celebrate it with him.

Fe said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!! And I'm so glad that you were at home to celebrate it with him Jo.

love, Fe xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

HI Joanne, I am so glad that you are at home to share Brian's Birthday with him. I hope that you had a wonderful celebration.
Love and Hugs, Loretta

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!!!
I must agree with you Jo that you have a very special boy (I mean man!)
I´m so glad that you are out of the hospital and recovering from the pneumonia.
We´re thinking about all of you and will talk to you soon.
Kelly & Gary

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brian!
Too bad the Riders didn't cooperate. I understand you had a wonderful family birthday dinner tonight at Mom & Dad's. Jo, we wish we were there to help celebrate but certainly glad you didn't have to stay in the hospital over the weekend.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brian!

I can't believe he is 16! Glad you are home Joanne and have rebounded so quickly. Hope you have a good book on the go. I am enjoying Eat, Pray, Love at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Joanne.
What good news you were home quickly, and celebrated with Brian his 16th Birthday!!!
As John's family say, "We'll keep on storming heaven's gates." Wishing you recovery, a return to stability, and renewed energy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne

Wow, Happy 16th to Brian, how long before he gets his licence?

I am a regular on Facebook now and play scrabble most days. Is that something you might be interested. It is very slow game, usually a turn about once a day. If you are I will invite you to a game. I have not finished a game yet but at least I have not lost yet either.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne:
SO glad you are home from the hospital and were able to celebrate Brian's birthday (Happy Birthday Brian!). Love the picture of Gord and Brian decked in their finest green!

Enjoy your delay in chemo. Always thinking of you,

apprentice said...

Yes a big Happy Birthday Brian!!!!
I'm so glad you got home to be with him Joanne.

You've every right to be proud of him, and of all the kids. You and Gord have done a fantastic job with all three of them. And don't be so modest about influencing him,
I'm sure he's bursting with pride at the way you choose to live your life.