Saturday, November 24, 2007

Go Riders Go !!!

This child is no relation to me, but rest assured, I have photos (similar) of all of my kids in Rider Gear, sadly, they were all taken in the dinosaur age of FILM, and PAPER...... hence I'm not sure how to get them posted.....
Anyway, you get the point, this is kinda how we do it here in Saskatchewan.... we are crazy for our pro football team, even when they are not winning (which is usual), but we really go nuts when they, say get in the play-offs (you should know that 3/4 teams get into the play-offs)...... Glory of all Glories, we won the west this year, and on Sunday will play for the National title, the Grey Cup......
It's exciting to be in Regina right now (really, I'm not kidding), the entire city (well, I'm guessing it is the entire province) is on fire with Rider Green........ The game is in Toronto...... my dad and Darryl are actually THERE (Hello boys, hope you are having fun!) It's a BIG DEAL around here.
P.S. on me..... I'm doing OK, I won't be attending any Grey Cup parties, but I am recovering from the last round of chemo, which kind of knocked me back a bit. Still working with the back and shoulder pain .... I begin massage therapy Monday and am hoping that will help. I think I spend too much time in bed, although that is just the reality at the moment. Anyway, I'm hanging in there.........


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Yes I know, it's apparently all about the Roughriders!! Hope you get some relief from that shoulder and back pain soon. We're always thinking of you and you only deserve good things so we're keeping our fingers crossed that you get them. We love you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Love your Rider Pride photo! I'll be wearing green today too. Glad you are feeling okay. Our clan is all doing much better and appreciates all the thoughts. Grey Cup party at Colleen's today. Hope the fans in TO are having a good time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
Dad and I are having a great time here in Toronto. It is an amazing experience. There are Rider fans EVERYWHERE! I would estimate that the Rider fans out number the bomber fans 20 to 1. It is quite good natured and Toronto has done a great job with this Grey Cup.

We had a very nice time last night at Dennis and Donna's. They put together a great meal and we had a great visit with them, as well as with Julie, Reed and kids, Gonzalo, Paul, Brett and his brother Wade.

I have posted the first of the photos that I took yesterday and I will keep it updated over the next couple of days. The link is:

Unfortunately, I didn't think of taking any pictures at Dennis and Donna's.

We are off to the pregame party shortly.....Go Riders Go!

Take Care.


Anonymous said...

We know the outcome!! We Winnipegers are not happy. Fun. Claire