Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend to End Breast Cancer

This is my mom and I and these are the same T-shirts that the walkers are wearing right now as they walk in Vancouver's rainy weather. The front says "Her Courage gives us strength" and the back says "I am on Joanne's Team 2007" I guess we are the honorary walkers.....

I am on Day 3 of Chemo (Cytoxin, Myocet), and feel the typical crappy chemo feeling, but nothing unusual, so all is well. The good news is that there is slow improvement in my lungs. My oncologist says my lungs sound much better, that much of the fluid surrounding my lungs is gone. The right lower lung is still collapsed, and I am still on bedrest, oxygen and morphine 24/7, but I also notice an improvement in my breathing, so really, it is good news.

I guess I won't be scanned for a couple of weeks yet..... I will let you know.



Anonymous said...

Kudos to ALL of "Joanne's Team" - with you, Joanne, as the courageous leader! I have a visual image of the Walk (your whole journey with this disease). In it you are leading the pack with all of the people actively involved in your treatment and care right behind you. The rest of us are standing on the sidelines cheering all of you on. It is SO good to hear that there is improvement in your lungs and that you are noticing it in your breathing - the chemo must be doing its job. I'm sure that encouragement helps you to deal with the "crappy chemo feeling". Thanks for the update and great pictures. Love, Nick and Lorraine

apprentice said...

Go Jo's team! I hope they're not too wet and foot sore. They're right about your courage though.

So glad to hear there's been an bit of an improvement and that you're breathing more easily.

I've just given that sweet head of your a big old kiss.

I had champange today as it was our 28th wedding anniversary, someone around here deserves a medal!

Love as ever


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, greetings from your old stomping grounds (northern Alberta) it all sounds good keep up the good work, we are also on the sidelines with silent support. We offered our mass for you to-day.
Have you purchased a green wig now? lots of green hair in the stands last night GO RIDERS GO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Walker update…

Thanks Lorraine for the reply to Joanne’s post. We certainly feel the same way. The “walk” is a great metaphor. The experience is also an incredible reminder of why the fight is so important.

We managed to complete the 60km relatively unscathed, provided you don’t count sore feet, blisters, aches all over, etc…. It was a great weekend and we were all so privileged to be able to take part. Thanks again to all that supported us, both financially and emotionally.

I have posted pictures from the “weekend” on the following web site. Check it out if you are interested.

The highlights were many, but certainly Kelly and Heather participating in the opening and closing ceremonies (great to see “Joanne’s Team” on stage for all to see) and being cheered on by Peggy and Johnny (Thank You!) were two of the best. We even managed to work in a Starbucks stop in honour of Joanne.

We are extremely grateful that “Joanne’s Team” raised over $16,500 for breast cancer research this year. Together the 2012 walkers raised over $5M. We have signed up again for next year and would certainly welcome any other members of “Joanne’s Team” to move from the supporter to walker category. We promise an experience you will never forget.

To Joanne,
Thanks for the latest post. We are glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat better, although I’m sure the past few days haven’t very good. We thought of you often along way. Karen, Kate, Niall and I are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

One final thought…you will see in the photos that our Day Two shirts included the phrase “Her strength keeps us going…” I’m sure that everyone feels the same way.

Thanks again to all for the ongoing support to Joanne and her family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Good to see you and your mom's smiling faces. We all are so encouraged by you as others have already mentioned. You must feel blessed to have the great family you do, it is inspiring to hear about their undying dedication and love for you. You should all feel proud of your efforts and warmed by everyone's support! We continue to cheer from sidelines, "GO JO GO"!, and we pray that life continues to improve for you.


Anonymous said...

Hope the walk went well for Team Joanne. Glad to see you made it out to Chapters and hope you got some great books.
As always, thanks for the update


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,

I can't tell you how incredible it was to see your 'team' on the journey. It was a beautiful metaphor indeed and really moving. Not only to see the Condons and Sherlocks walking specifically on Joanne's team but also to stand on the sidelines while thousands walked on doing their part to take steps towards defeating this disease. We will be thinking of you as you finish up this round of chemo. You look fantastic in your picture, it is great to see.
Peggy and Johnny

Anonymous said...

Hello, Joanne,
What good news that there is improvement in the lungs.
Wonderful pictures. Love and beauty shining from every frame.
All our best, as always,
John & Pat