Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another "weekend" moment

The above photo is from the opening ceremonies... my sister Kelly (middle) and niece Heather (right) represented 2/3 generations participating in the walk..... the flag they carried has the names of all of the people who walked the 60 km.

I continue to be the same - recovering from chemo, with CT scan next week, Sept. 4.

And here is my team (and their fans!)...... emotions are high for me as I think about what they have done in my name.


apprentice said...

What a great team, no wonder you are proud of them all, as they are of you.

Hope the scan goes well.


Anonymous said...

The team looks wonderful, colour co-ordinated too! Great support from a great family. Hope you're scan goes well next week.
Love P & G

Anonymous said...

What a great team Joanne. Looks like they had fun while they were doing good work. Will be thinking about you on the 4th. Love - Claire

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - great team! It was so good to visit with you (and yours) last week. It's also good to know that I am in "good company" among other (well-respected) Big Brother fans!! Hope the chemo is not too rough and good luck with the scan on the 4th. We're with you in spirit!
Love, Nick & Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Wishing you and all your family a happy Labour Day Weekend.

It is quite inspiring to see how much love and support surround you. Good reason to be emotional! I hope the Chemo is not making you feel too ill. Look forward to hearing more good news.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Your team is inspiring Jo,
wishing you & yours a fun labour day weekend.
We are going to a gathering at Colleen & Dougs on sunday for the Big Game and a barbaque, may rider fans invited, Peggy is coming for classes in two weeks time.
So we will hear all about the race day in Vancouver.
We will be anxious to hear about your scans next, I will be talking to your mother today.
Wishing you all the best.
The TJRs

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful family.We'll be thinking positive thoughts for you on the 4th. Take Care.


Jan Holland said...

Hi Joanne, it's Jan Holland, out in beautiful Belle River Ontario! Kelly and I have happily resumed contact (finally!) and she put me onto your blog. What a terrific idea to do this. It works very well. I must say, although I'm sure you don't feel it, you look terrific and just look as you always have... beautiful, bright, bald... okay, the bald part is not something I'm used to. I'll tell you though, you have a gorgeous head and I would not mind at all if you showed that off in my presence! Ray's mother (my mother-in-law) is sporting a bald doo as well, as she struggles through ovarian cancer and the chemo that goes along with it. We are off for another round tomorrow morning. I have been saying big, big prayers for you for many years, as have the rest of my family. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Your family is gorgeous... my God, Craig looks like Darryl (to me anyway). I'm so glad they, as well as your extended family, are there to support you in your journey. Only good thoughts Joanne... I'm sending only good, warm thoughts your way. Much love to you. Wish I could be there for a hug. I miss the "Condons" so much. We'll be in touch soon.


PS It is so nice to see that the art of writing and the love of reading is still alive and well! Love your reviews - - unfortunately, that is as close as I will get to reading the books. Just no time right now. Have you ever read "Home is Where the Heart Is"? One of those books I happened to read and loved it. Sappy but I loved it!