Thursday, June 21, 2007

A week of changes can change your life!

This is my new view, and I am lucky that I have such a beautiful sunroom to have such a good view in!

Well, I will try to keep this brief, but it has been a very incredible sort of week. Surreal, really,
So, at last post I had a pleural effusion drained and was recovering.
Well, something went sour with the pleural effusion drainage and a small part of my right lung collapsed. The drainage was malignant, which is just means that there is now an easy vechicle fo the spread of cancer elsewhere as fluid tends to move around. I still have fluid on my lungs but the prioirity was to do chemo immediately to try to improve the situation in the lungs.
Due to the pain of the lung collapse, I have been started on a morphine program. And due to the shortness of breath increasing and becoming worse (lung collaspse), I am now on Oxygen all the time and at home.
Today a hospital bed arrived, so I can sleep in a better position for my lungs. Also, we received a shower chair and a wheelchair. Oh and Homecare is providing me with anything we need.
I have suddenly moved from being independent to being not terrible mobile. And I am supposed to view this reduced mobility as saving my energy for things I really want to do. So, that's the view I am trying to take.
My fellow cruisers - Karen and Kelly, came here this week, and they are helping to get all this equipment settled and to make it as nice as possible for me. Mom has been here 24/7 since Gord is out of town at a course. I feel very supported as I travel this challenging path.
This has all been very unexpected and so it is actually difficult to comment on with any form of wisdom. We just keep getting through each day and are not looking too far ahead. My friend
Janice is bringing Michelle home for a visit next week, and Gord will get Craig after exams, it will be quite an adjustment for them to see me too.
THE one reflection I do have this week is the excellent care we have received from our much maligned "system". We have been treated with dignity and respect and with kindness... and SPEED.... I cannot imagine getting better service than we have had this week. It has been unbelievable and true cause for thanks.
Best wishes to all..... Joanne


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for the update. There are worse places to hang out than your beautiful sun room....
Sorry to hear about the pain and the other new challenges. I am glad that Karen and Kelly are there to help. I am also glad to hear about the wonderful support and care you are receiving.
See you soon.

apprentice said...

Hi Joanne,

I too am glad that the care and support has been a match for turn of events.

That's a beautiful light that is flooding into the sunroom, it matches the person I see in the bed.

I'm sure all who care so deeply for you will wrap you all up in the arms.

I would phone, but I'm sure you have enough going on. But know I'm thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne
I am thinking of you ..not sure I should phone but want you to know I am thinking of you. Janes' retirement was nice and we did a slide show and we were all in it ....Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Thank you for the update. I have run out of ways to comment on your courage on many fronts and specifically in keeping us all informed with details of this very difficult journey. Whoever (whomever?? - never could get this one right) decided to build the sun room on to your home had no idea of what a gift they would be giving you at a time when you need to surround yourself with as much "sunshine" as possible. It is good to hear that the medical system has treated you efficently and with kindness and compassion. I'm so grateful that you are in Regina so close to your parents. This is not easy for Gord and the "kids" and we keep them in our prayers too. You all have a huge extended family supporting you, most of us at a distance and just able to offer our continued thoughts and prayers, and I hope that gives you some small comfort. We send our love and the assurance that we are with you in spirit. Love, Nick and Lorraine

Anonymous said...

That is truly a beautiful room. We want you to know that you are in our prayers everyday. We are not sure if we should call so we are posting this message for you to read. You are the best friend sister, daughter all of us can ever have and that we are beside you in these troubled times. Judy

Anonymous said...

HI Joanne,
Thank you so much for keeping us posted with the blog when you have so much going on. Hard to believe things are so complicated now when you looked so good in Montreal. Conserving energy seems like the smart way to look at things.
Just want you to know that we are here, sending all our energy to help you go back on the upward climb to feeling better. Praying, thinking about you a lot. Glad the girls are there... wouldn't a sip of red wine have some health benefits??? Maybe not so good with the Morphine.
Glad the healthcare system is making things easier for you instead of harder. Hope you are having a good day today. Thinking about everyone there with you today too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
I know Patti has left a comment, but I'll throw in my two cents. First, it was wonderful seeing you in Montreal. I know you have had a tough fight, but know how many people are thinking of you and wishing good thoughts for you. Seeing you in your sun room and the beautiful smile on your face is a testament to how strong you really are. Keep fighting and draw from the love around you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Nice to see your cheery face, you truely amaze me!
Sending you warm wishes and positive thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
I and your fellow RD's in GP are thinking of you today, and hoping you are having a better day. Your sunroom is beautiful! and I'm so glad you are in Regina with lots of family and friends around.
Conserving your energy for the things that really matter is good wisdom (we should all be so wise!).
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Love your sunroom - it looks like a beautiful place to rest and be with your family and friends. Spoke with Michelle the other night - nice to talk to her too! Julie passes on a hello....she misses you alot like I do. There should be a package arriving by tomorrow. It will be perfect in your sunroom......Love you,