Friday, June 29, 2007

Joanne Update...


Gord is back in Winnipeg today, helping Craig move out of his apartment and return back to Regina for the summer. In his place, Joanne asked me to post a message on her blog. For those of you that don’t know me, I am Joanne’s brother, Darryl.

Joanne is still in the hospital but I am glad to report that she is stable and improving. She has had a tough few days but her blood counts are improving, her pain is being managed and her fever is under control. Assuming that she remains stable, she will likely be able to return home in the next few days.

Her spirit and determination are as remarkable as ever!
She says the food is fine and she is kept well stocked with dark chocolate, not to mention her daily venti, extra hot, no foam, 2% latte.
On behalf of her family, thanks to all of you for your ongoing support.

Hacker Darryl


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Hacker Daryl - Joanne you look very comfy! Good to hear the symptoms are less and your blood count is up. Let's hope the looming strike never happens and your nurses will continue to provide the best care. You do look good Joanne. It must be the lattes !!
P & G

Anonymous said...


Dawn, Andrew, Julie and Lane

Anonymous said...


Dawn, Andrew, Lane and Julie

apprentice said...

Oh how wonderful to look in her and see that great smile.

I'm so pleased she is feeling more comfortable and chocolate seem like just the ticket to me.

Please give her my love. I hope she gets home soon and I'm sure having the kids around will be good for her too.

Anonymous said...

Hacker Darryl,

Thanks for the update. We're glad to hear Joanne is feeling better and her pain is improving. She'll be glad to get back home! Please tell her she's always in our thoughts and prayers. Say hi to Gord and the kids for us!
Dana and family

Anonymous said...

Thanks "Hacker" Darryl! It is so good to see Joanne's smiling face as she enjoys her Starbuck's treat. We're happy to hear that things have stabilized and hope that Joanne gets home soon. With much love, Nick and Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, Please thank Daryl so much for the update. I am thrilled to see you smiling and having a Starbucks. We continue to pray and hope that God will give the Doctors wisdom to do what is the very best for you.
Lots of Love and Hugs, Loretta

Anonymous said...

HI Joanne, I will try to send this again. I am thrilled that you are looking so good and drinking a Starbucks. Again we continue to pray that God will give the Doctors wisdom to know how best to treat you.
Lots of Love and Hugs, Loretta, Dave and Hayley

Anonymous said...

Hi Darryl
Thanks for keeping us posted...Gord and Craig hope you have had a safe trip and hope you didn't have to work too hard...Joanne I was thrilled and relieved to see your picture ..that Starbucks' looks good on you too...please know that you have many friends and colleagues thinking of you here in Grande Prairie ... wishing you and yours only the best,
DK on behalf of BB and TS and JW and JM and Renfrew too

Anonymous said...

Greetings Joanne,

May you have a continuous supply of dark chocolate and lattes available being delivered by loving family and friends.

Great to see that beautiful smile!

thanks to Hacker Darryl for the update,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Daryl for keeping us posted. Great to hear that things have improved. Will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Till next time enjoy the chocolate and Starbucks!