Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finish Line at Vancouver Weekend

I'm not sure why this photo is teeny tiny, but maybe you can see the Vancouver walkers crossing the finish line. We are amazed and proud of them.

As for me: It's Day 9, of Cycle 5, I just returned from Winnipeg where I had Day 1 and Day 8 of chemo..... My bloodwork remains good enough, and although i certainly am getting increasingly fatigued, I am doing well.

First week(s) of school......Brian is settling in at Leboldus in Regina..... Craig has been at Engineering Orientation, learning to sign loudly and irritate/offend any non-engineer on campus.... Michelle is very, very busy with her sorority chapter, and all their classes begin Thursday... New beginnings for all.


Anonymous said...

Great to get an update. Glad to hear that you are feeling reasonably well.

The first week of classes is such an exciting time. Congratulations to all.

Thanks for posting our "finish line" picture. It was an amazing event and we wish Erin well this weekend in Toronto.

take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for the update! What a crazy time for all of you.

It was great talking to you yesterday - you all sound to be doing so well in spite of all of the change. We are so amazed by all of you.

Here is the cookie recipe (adapted from Kate&Niall's preschool cookbook)

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2 eggs
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp. vanilla
2 Cups flour
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2 Cups Oats
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Cream butter and eggs. Add sugar and vanilla. Mix in rest of ingredients. 375 for 7 mins

Hope you enjoy them!

Love, Kelly

Franco said...
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