Tuesday, August 29, 2006

CT scan shows good news!

Hello everyone...

I am so grateful and pleased to be able to report good news......

I received the results of the CT yesterday and it was GOOD news... the chemo is working! Overall, there was a significant improvement in all of the cancer nodules and no new areas of involvement!!

The largest lung nodule was 1.3 cm and is now 6 mm....... the number of spots is fewer, some can no longer be seen....... The largest mediastinal node was 2.5 cm and is now 1.2 cm. My chest wall area, liver, abdomen and pleural area are all clear... no solid masses and no unwanted fluid anywhere that can be detected by CT.

So..... more of the same treatment....... since it is working, I get more.... I had Cisplatin + Gemzar today and it is tough, but it is certainly easier to tolerate knowing it is working ! At the moment, I feel semi-tough myself, I'm not big on the battle analogies with cancer, but I feel like bit of a warrior myself today..... Even my blood counts have improved to the point that we did not have to consider the blood transfusion that was on the table two weeks ago. Glory be.... They (blood counts) seem to have bounced back for no good reason, but overall it is a also a good sign that for now I am tolerating this regime... it will likely come to some intervention, especially with the Hemoglobin, but for now I am holding my own...

I'm in Winnipeg having my treatment, so I miss Brian's first day of school tomorrow, a big day for him.... Good luck Brian, he is a real trooper, very brave and he has maintained such a positive attitude about moving that we are just amazed with him..... He starts school - Grade 10 at Dr. Martin Leboldus Catholic High School, in Regina, tomorrow....

So, I am a lucky girl, and I feel very grateful for this good response, not everyone is so fortunate, and to a certain extent, finding a chemo that works is a crap-shoot..... We take every bit of progress and good news with a huge amount of gratitude... and we thank you all for the continued support of our family and friends, it really does make a difference in our lives...

Joanne and family


Anonymous said...

It was great to talk with you yesterday. Your news has all of us riding high today. You may not like the analogy, but you are a warrior. Your strength is an inspiration and we are so, so pleased for, and proud of you.

We too are proud of Brian (as well as the Michelle and Craig). I remember my first Day at Leboldus like it was yesterday. I will be thinking of Brian tomorrow morning. Go Suns!


Patti said...

Hi Joanne,
I am so glad to hear your great news. So So Great!! Hope you start to get your strength back soon.
Good luck Brian! A friend here starts High School too next week, she is feeling pretty nervous about it.
Hi to the Winnipeg gang. Good luck in University!
School starts here on next week. Just finishing up the shopping.

apprentice said...

Great news Joanne! That's an amazing reduction, and I'm so glad your body is standing up to it reasonably well.

Good Luck to Brian too, hope the first day wasn't too bad. Alo hope you and the other two are rubbing along in the apartment

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, I am so overjoyed to hear your great news. I lit several candles for you in churches across Italy and maybe the line to God is more direct there. Anyways, we are all so very happy. We are coming to Regina this weekend to see my mom and I would love to connect with you. Please let me know if you have time for a coffee.
Much Love and Hugs, Loretta

Anonymous said...

Joanne and family,

We too are overjoyed to hear your good news. You must be feeling a renewed sense of hope and we all share it with you. I am a firm believer that the power of prayer combined with the gifts of science make for wonderful results in this battle (yes, you are a warrior and a very strong one). Good luck to Michelle, Craig and Brian as they all begin a new school year. They'll have a new bounce in their steps after getting this good news. It was great to see you and Gord in Regina and to see your new home. You look amazingly well, Joanne, and are obviously doing very well on many levels. I'm sure you don't realize how you inspire other people with your attitude and strength.

With love and gratitude,

Nick and Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Joanne and family:

Wonderful news Joanne! How exciting to know your treatments are such a success and what everyone has hoped for. Your positive attitude and quiet strength have a beneficial effect too! You are truly an inspiration and we are so very happy for you and your family.
P & G

Anonymous said...

We too were overjoyed to hear your news! I defy anyone to dispute the power of prayer and a positive attitude! We were all hoping that the chemo was working and WOW is it working! You, Gord and the kids truly are an inspiration. Not everyone can handle life's adversity and challenges as well as all of you are doing. Carry on, warrior, we are all your troop mates.
Peggy & kids

Anonymous said...

to auntie joanne

i'm very happy to hear that you are getting better. I hope you are feeling alot better too. Say hi to Heidi for me.

Love Laurel

Anonymous said...

Great to hear your good news. You have a great attitude about how you will spend your time off treatment - enjoy every day!