Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blood counts too low for chemo today

Round 5, Day 15....... and my blood counts were all low, too low to have my treatment today.... it is weird to be disappointed to NOT have chemotherapy, but missing a treatment is always a worry.

Anyway..... I've had a little visit with Michelle and Craig here in Winnipeg and fly back to Regina Wednesday. The extra week 'off' treatment will help to boost up all my counts and I guess I'll rest up and hope that helps.



apprentice said...

Aw I'm sorry cookie, that's a bugger. I remember that sense of frustration, you just want it to be done, and it just underscores the giving yourself over to thre process.

Cherish that poor old bod of yours and rest up, I'm sure the counts will come up. Eat beets and drink Guinness, it used to help me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this disappointment, Joanne. I suppose it is almost inevitable that this would happen at some point in your treatment. Take good care of yourself in the next week and then, hopefully, the treatment program will be "onward"! We really enjoyed your stingray story (and pics) - you wouldn't catch me in the water with those things! Hope the Winnipeg Schweitzers are doing well and that Brian is enjoying his new high school. With continued love and prayers,
N & L, Calgary

Anonymous said...

I too am sorry to hear this news. Your strength and attitude through this continues to be an inspiration.

I think the Guinness suggestion is worth a try. They do say that "Guinness is good for you". I may have to have one tonight in your honour!

Take care and all the best to you, Gord and the kids(adults)....


Anonymous said...

Beer, beer, beer. Hey I know you like the stuff. I have witnessed it. This week will give you your strength back. In you last round you had one week break and you responded well. Try cheering, or beering.

Anonymous said...

Drink mo' beer!

Po' chickapee, I know this was a blow. But you'll bounce back, it jes takes a bit to build back up. Then you'll be all ready to finish this thing up.

Thinking of you and know you must be feeling tired and frustrated. Emailed you.

Patti said...

Hi Joanne,
Sorry about the low counts. Hopefully you are getting some rest and building up your strenth. I like the idea of Guiness and a great movie. I wish I had one to recommend, the only one I've seen lately was "How to Eat Fried Worms" I liked it but would recommend something with higher than a "G" rating. Hope you are feeling better.