Sunday, January 13, 2008

View from Here

Michelle is long gone back to school, but I thought that this photo of the two of us in my bed was a little prettier than just me lying around in bed......... You can see how lucky I am to have a great view of the outdoors.

And, that's what I've been doing...... I'm on Day 7 now of Taxotere #2........ it continues to be a tough go, and even with the dose reduction, I still feel like I'm taking quite a pounding. Anyway, today seemed to be much better and I hope that is a good sign of things to come, although I was still tired and resting most of the day, I started "feeling" more myself, and that is always a welcome feeling.

I continue to be plagued with low grade fevers, weakness and fatigue and just a general malaise. I do take CSGF (Neupogen), which homecare gives me via injection every day. That is supposed to keep my white blood counts from bottoming out. Both Neupogen and the Taxotere cause bone pain though, and for that, I use heat, Morphine and careful use of tylenol (i.e. if I do not have a fever, I can use Tylenol).

Anyway, even having said all of that, I think the corner is turning, and we'll see what this week brings. Wish me luck!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good evening Joanne:
Let's hope this week you feel better - you are one tough cookie, and grit like I've never witnessed. Maybe this warmer weather and longer days will help pass the time. Stay strong Joanne - we're all wishing you the very best !
Take care. P & G

Susan said...

Hi Joanne
I so much admire your optimism and find your courage contagious.
I read a really good book over Christmas -"Mr Pip" by Lloyd Jones. It was very well written and a very good story to boot. Interesting and entertaining - a good combo I think
Good luck with the treatments. I will keep watching for the progress reports.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for the update. Best wishes for the next week. Great picture of you and Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne - Great picture of Mom and daughter - both of you as beautiful as your little alcove! Good luck as you continue your treatment and I do hope you have turned the corner and have some great days ahead.

apprentice said...

Hey that bed's is a bit crowded!
I'm glad to read that you had good family Christmas and that you managed to take part in a few things.

I hope you can now rest up and that the reduced chemo dose continues to does the job.

We had a nice time too. Matt now has a girlfriend at uni, fr the USA. She came for dinner at the weekend and it was nice to meet her.

Take care missus


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Thanks so much for the update - was hoping that this round would be much easier on you. Glad to hear that you are on the upswing now and hope each day finds you feeling stronger and more "like yourself". Great picture! We send the requested "good luck" wish with hope and love. Nick & Lorraine

Fe said...

(please don't read if swear words offend)
Oh crap Jo. This sucks big time. Why the F**k they haven't found a moderate-effect, life-saving drug is beyond me. My tolerance for what you have to deal with is low.

For years I worked for Smith Kline-Beecham UK (when Beecham merged with Smith Kline) and back then the big controversial issue was AIDS. I was working in the new product development dept and they consistantly chose "headache tablets" and "ass-haemorrage pills" over life saving research into cancer and AIDS. It made me kick then, and it makes me kick now. You and I had almost the same initial dx. I am allowed to personalise your journey.

xxxxxxx Fe xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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