Sunday, April 22, 2007

A New Week Ahead

Well it was a tough week for me. A nasty viral infection certainly took hold and had me out for the count for several days. Likely it doesn't help that I continue to take my chemo, which also increases fatigue and general crapitis feeling.

I ended up on two antibiotics and the blasted fever continued on into Friday, causing me much angst, phone calls to cancer clinic, and some negotiating to save me an even more dreaded trip back to ER..... I should have gone Friday night, but in reality I could not face the Friday night crowd, so I packed up ready to go, then I stayed home, watched my temp, monitored myself and decided every hour what to do... and then near morning, the temperature just improved! Spent the rest of the weekend in bed, and finally today, I think I am on the mend!

So, this week is looking up! It's a new week, hence the spring like floral photo......And the good news? Well, despite tremendous amounts of hacking, coughing and nose blowing, I was able to breath relatively well.... So I think that is a good sign of things to come, at least that is my determination.

Cheers to all for a peaceful, virus free week. Wash your hands like maniacs, this last one hit all of us Schweitzers despite our OCD-like behaviors around the hand-washing.



apprentice said...

aw Joanne sorry hear you've been so ill. I hope you pick up this week. Just knnow you are often in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, I checked your blog this morning, not really expecting an update as I knew you have been battling that miserable virus. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I'll be in Regina in mid-may (with the Tigners) so look forward to seeing all of you and introducing our little Sam! We also use OCD-like hand washing behaviours but sometimes that isn't even enough! Take care! Love, Nick & Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your rough week. Hopefully the antibiotics will keep the viruses at bay. I think I'll go wash my hands now....
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne:
That's a bummer - hopefully this week and sunny weather will help you feel better. Here's a note on washing hands. There was a safety notice circulating about that Hand Disinfectant you just rub in - well right after someone used it, they lit a cigarette, and caught their hands on fire! It's got alcohol in it! Isn't that unbelievable - what a way to get rid of germs !! Anyway wash hands, but be careful with what! HA.
Do hope you are feeling better.
P & G