Thursday, April 19, 2007

Detour - another blasted trip to ER

Well, a very slight setback. I developed a fever the other night, and when you are on chemo, a fever is never ignored.

The above picture, of course, is generous, the actual number of medical personnel I came into contact with after 6 hours was actually very scanty and they weren't smiling either. Actually, the lab and x-ray techs were very cheerful, the rest, not so.

So.... a lousy night was spent in ER, while they checked me up and down for infection, x-rays, blood tests, and blood cultures, urine tests, etc.... All my tests came back perfectly good, but since I obviously have picked up something, I am on anti-biotics as prevention. ER is a terrible place for cancer patients, because you are not exactly an emergency, you are a "Maybe" emergency, and immune suppressed at that, so in danger of picking up all the crap floating around the emergency room. But that is the system and so that is how it goes!

We've all had a nasty cold and cough.... and the combination of cough with my lung problems has been particularly nasty. But, hopefully it will improve soon, and I am thankful it was nothing serious. The coughing is interupting my sleep tonight (that's why I'm up and on here!), but otherwise I "feel" very well.

My good friend Janice is here visiting me fromWinnipeg, what a treat....

And, Mom and Dad arrive home from the USA tomorrow! It will be great to see them back at



Anonymous said...

That's a "bummer" - never any fun hanging around the ER! You take care of yourself (maybe read two books a week and you must be lying down or doing "serious" lounging in the process!). I always picture you reading in the beautiful room full of windows in your home. Hope you are feeling better already with the antibiotics in your system.
Love, Nick and Lorraine

Anonymous said...

HI Joanne, Well I am so sorry that you had to further endure the health care system. I know that is anything but nerve racking and tiring. We were all so thrilled to hear about your scan results and we hope that you continue to feel better. We are thinking about and praying for you all the time.
Much Love and Hugs, Loretta, Dave and Hayley

Anonymous said...

Well Joanne,
Just what you needed, hey!?*#!? Sorry to hear about that trip to the ER. You've been through it all before but it would be nice if you could get by without those set-backs/road blocks/hassles etc. Anyhow, I hope you were able to ward off the ER bugs. As always, in my thoughts and prayers.
Peggy R.

Anonymous said...

Hi joanne,

Fighting a viral infection when your immune system has been as compromised as yours is hard on a body. The emergency ward visit sounded rather dreary and tiring; however, they did send you home with antibiotics - hope this has helped ease the stress on your lungs.

Peggy mentioned that your book club meets faithfully once a month to discuss "literature" and other lofty ideals :) Morley in Stuart McLean's 'Vinyl Cafe Diaries' would approve of your dedication and commitment!

Hope the upcoming week will be kinder to you.

with love from Saskatoon, Gen