Friday, December 01, 2006

New York, New York

This photo is of Gord and me on the "Lady Liberty" harbour cruise, just as it passed in front of the Statue of Liberty.

We had a fantastic time in NYC.... more details to follow. We were there for two nights and one full day (two partial days) and we made the most of it. We toured all over Manhattan, saw "Wicked" and the "Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular". The city is amazing anyway, but to see all of the Christmas decorations was really a splendid experience.

My appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering was also really good. It was a very thorough case review and they were very compassionate, honest and very thorough. I left convinced that I have been on good treatment paths in every instance along my journey with breast cancer. And, I also got some good advice for next steps as I continue to manage the disease. I already knew that I have an aggressive cancer "triple negative" for hormone and oncogene receptors, and so the only tx options are chemo. However, they reminded me that there are many chemo options and we discussed these (as I have with my oncologist here in Canada). And reviewed any possible experimental options (none where I live at the moment, unfortunately)

Thanks to my cousin Sean, who helped me get connected with one of the most respected breast oncologists in the USA... I am very grateful to have had the opportunity, even to meet and discuss my case with this well known, and well published physician.

I had a CT scan on Monday, just before leaving for New York. The NY docs had a quick look at the summary, but it needs interpretation by my oncologist, will get to that after next week... because.......

Tomorrow, Gord and I leave on the vacation we had previously planned - a Carribean cruise. So will provide another update when we return.

Cheers all...........


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was checking your blog and hoping to see how things went in New York - what a great picture of you and Gord and the Statue of Liberty! Very glad to hear that you feel reassured about your treatment(s) after the consult in New York. It was very good to see you in Regina - have a wonderful cruise. We'll be anxious to hear all about it. Love, N & L, Calgary

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jo!
Great to hear about your trip. I hope you enjoy your cruise and we are so looking forward to seeing all of you at Christmas.
Love Darryl

apprentice said...

Yes good news that the trip was helpful and reassuring, I hope that will give you confidence as you go forward.

I hope both of you enjoy the holiday, I'm sure some R&R will be very welcome and make the winter a we bit more bearable.

Love as ever


Patti said...

Hi Joanne,
Glad to hear you had such a great time in New York and a positive visit with the doctor. I'd love to see NY at Christmas. Hope you are having a blast on your trip. We'll be here shoveling snow...again. Good luck on finals everyone.

Anonymous said...

Great picture. You really have been on the move - enjoy your rest on the cruise. Glad to hear you've received confirmation of your treatments. Have a wonderful cruise! When you return, do let us know if it's true that all you do is eat on a cruise!!!
Take care
P & G