Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Away from email (and computer) for awhile...

I figured out how to log onto my blog from my mom's computer!

We are all fine, but currently out of our house, because we had a sewer back-up earlier this week, and we cannot go back until the basement is cleaned, sanitized, and the walls/carpets are repaired. Oh, yeah, and the driveway is dug up.

We had our driveway repaired last week, and it appears to have damaged a sewer line...... hence the back up...... it has been quite a hectic couple of days and not real pleasant! It's a big mess, and anything that came in contact with the "water" is contaminated and must be cleaned or replaced.... At any rate, I am grateful that our insurance covers the interior of the house and it is being professional cleaned by the disaster cleaners.... we will have to fix the driveway ourselves, that's just the way the insurance works. A very boring way to spend money, all in all.

We are staying at my mom and dad's and I can't access my email remotely so until I get that resolved.... I won't be reading or sending email! So if you don't hear from me, that is why. Thanks for all the comments ... since I have no email I'll sent out blanket greetings and "thank yous" Judy - good luck with your move....... Patti......... 35 minutes???? unreal......... Anna... Steph's email is burried in my old computer account, but we only have a day in NYC anyway, so I guess we'll miss that chance..... Loretta, I hope you had a great time yourself in NYC...... Pat, Gwen, Kelly, Darryl, thanks for checking in..... and hello to everyone else....

Anyway, apart from disturbing the peace at my mom's house, we are all coping fine...... just another of life's interesting twists and turns....



apprentice said...

Oh shit ;( !!

Poor you. What a bugger! I hope it gets fixed quickly.

Thinking of you girl


Anonymous said...

HI Joanne, I am so sorry to hear about your house stuff.....what a drag. I was wondering why you had not answered your e-mail. We had an awesome time in NY. Nonstop shopping and the shows were amazing, especially WICKED. Did you get tickets?
Also Dave, Jeff and Doug had a great time with your dad in Pheonix.
Keep well and know that we are always thinking about you.
Love, Loretta

Anonymous said...

Hi to all! With all of the serious issues you have to deal with, you sure didn't need this latest aggravation. Thank goodness #67 is so handy. Hopefully, they'll have the mess cleaned up soon. I'll be in Regina next weekend and look forward to seeing you before your trip to NY and cruise. Think of relaxing on deck to chase away visions of the mess in your basement! N & L, Calgary

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Regina heh !
Just pretend you are visiting Regina and like you would - staying with your parents. When you move back to your house it will be partly new as if you're justing moving to Regina !! Well maybe not - but it's so crazy that it laughable. Who ever heard of fixing your driveway and having the sewer backup - Unbelievable - but as always you definitely have the right attitude. Next month will be more boring I hope. Take care guys.
Love P & G

Anonymous said...

dear auntie Joanne,
I'm sorry to hear about your house. It must be hard to be away from it. I hope it won't take long. I can't wait to see you at Christmas. Hopefully your house will be O.K. by then. Have a great time on your cruise.

Anonymous said...

Joanne - that is awful!

If you are needing to get the dog out for a walk and this beautiful weather holds we could introduce the dogs!

Take care,