Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Tis the Season

Hello all!

Not much is new with me, which in my world, counts as GOOD NEWS! Today is a day that I would usually be back at the cancer clinic, getting more chemo, but as you already know, I have had my lifetime limit of Adriamycin related drugs, and so I must switch to a different chemo. And, we've just had a little delay getting a CT scan, I guess they are very backed up.... so I am having a few days chemo "Vacation" .......

I will be having the CT on December 12, and then I see my oncologist Dec. 14. Based on the CT results we will decide which drug to try next and also when to begin the new regime. Of course I would love to have the Christmas holidays off and chemo free, but the truth is, that I am content to do whatever I must do, so if that means more chemo immediately, so be it.....

I'm feeling a little better - I've finally had that massage therapy and it worked miracles for my shoulder and back pain. I will definitely keep that up and hope for a good resolution to the muscle pain. I am about the same in the breathing department (which means that I continue to be fine while I am sedentary, but very short of breath when I try to do even modest activity, like walk across the room.).

Believe it or not, I am really enjoying the Christmas season. I am so blessed because so many people are looking out for us..... My friend Anne and my mom decorated our house and put up the tree..... Mom and my aunt (and friend) Peggy have been baking Christmas cookies for us (and I find this a huge gift and relief since I do still want to make Christmas as "usual" as possible for my kids. The internet has been my "mall" for Xmas shopping, and between Gord and mail order we are doing well there......Our tree is in my sunroom this year, and so my surroundings are very very pleasant. I wish I could be more active in the preparations as it is somethign I've always enjoyed, however, when I remove that from my worry list, I'm having a fairly perfect Christmas season. One great thing about this time of year is that it is EASY to find joy in something on every single day....... these "todays" are indeed "sweet".........

I will keep you posted with the results of the tests and the next plan for chemo. In the meantime, I certainly wish everyone a joy filled holiday season.



Anonymous said...

Wow what great Christmas spirit you have. You are truly blessed to have everyone hustling and bustling around you. We are thinking about you in GP and are so glad that you are enjoying this snow. I tooooo love the snow. Maybe you are just loving the season not the snow. Take care of yourself and family. Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Merry Christmas. I wish that we could just "drop by" for some christmas cheer and give everyone a hug! I'm glad you are getting some relief from the massage therapy and will keep my fingers crossed for the ct scans. I'm sure the sunroom is looking great.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanne, Thanks for the update. It's great to hear that you are enjoying the peace and joy of the Christmas season. Sounds like your Christmas elves did a great job! Also happy to hear that your pain has lessened with the massage therapy. It will be so nice to have your whole family home over the holidays. We're certainly looking forward to having our "kids" home soon. We hope and pray for good news from the scan next week. In the meantime, enjoy your chemo vacation. The break will be enhanced with the seasonal decorations, the Christmas music and the cookies! Love, N & L, Calgary

apprentice said...

Glad yo hear you're surrounded with love and lovely cookie smells!

I hope the next round of tests and meetings bring forth an acceptable plan.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Keep up that massage, and maybe do some reiki, splg?, too -I hear it really helps as well.

Love as ever

Anonymous said...

Hello, Joanne.
I just love your posts. What a beautiful picture, and what great news that the massage theraphy is giving you relief so that you can enjoy your days again. Am keeping you in prayer as you wait for a new chemo plan and CT. Also find your book reviews fascinating. You're clear about why the rating is what it is, and it makes me want to read what you recommend - also what you don't to know what to avoid. Do you have any new 'favourites?' If a person wants to read just one book for the Christmas season, what would it be? Your delight in enjoying Christmas shines through your message. Thanks so much.
love, Pat.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed talking to you this morning Joanne. I had responded a comment at great length but it was acccidentally erased...still brushing up on the IT skills :-)!Your blog is such an inspiration to so many, including me. We will be sure to find joy in the little things this Christmas, our best presents have already arrived, including a Christmas where you are well enough to find the joy. Love Aunt L.M.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Think of you often. Glad to hear your family is so supportive and you are enjoying the Christmas season. Your words are inspirational.
Love Shauna

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for yet another wonderful posting. Karen, the kids and I will miss being in Regina and seeing all of you this Christmas.

Best wishes for tomorrow and friday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
Good to hear that you are managing to be organized and ready for the upcoming Christmas season. I wish I could be on top of things around here but as per usual I'm behind. Matthew and I have been struggling with flus and colds so that's my excuse for now. The last couple of days here have been milder and so winter is pleasant just now. I loved the latest photo of the snow covered berries, quite lovely the colors can be this time of year. Wise of you to take the time to notice.
We send you all our best for continued stability and we pray abundant blessing be your constant companion.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne:
Great picture, great attitude, and great words of wisdom. Thanks for keeping us informed. We hope you hear good news again tomorrow. We are keeping you in our thoughts!
Take care.
P & G

Jill said...

Hi Joanne,
I received your letter today and immediately went to your blog. I have spent the evening reading your story. You are amazing and such a wonderful inspiration for all who know you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Jill G

Susan said...

Hi Joanne
This blog is such a great idea.
Thanks for your Christmas letter - mine to you was mailed the same day I received yours. It doesn't contain good news. Harley passed away July 23 so I am having a bit of difficulty this season - but you do give me strength and I thank you so sincerely for that. I love your book reviews too - I just want something I can escape into and gets me thinking of something other than myself.
I will keep in touch with you through this blog. Please hug yourself for me
Love, Susan