Friday, January 19, 2007

Met my new oncologist

The photo has nothing to do with today's update, it's just me and Michelle (and Heidi) watching movies over the Christmas holidays...... none of the pyjamas shown came from Winners, although I have several lovely sets that have......OK, I've recovered from my dismay over the whole TJ Maxx/Winners debaucle, and am already softening the whole boycott stand - enough said.

I had my first appointment today at the Alan Blair Cancer Clinic in Regina. Gord and I met my new oncologist, and we both really liked him. He seemed considerate and smart, very up-to-date and very kind. Good combo for an oncologist.

So, I am no longer "in transition" but am officially a Saskatchewan customer for my treatment and care.

CT Scan next week... that will determine if I am "stable" or if the next chemo starts soon. All in all, it was a good appointment and on physical exam I score high marks.... so today was a good day, amazing what passes for "good" some days!

Cheers to all - Joanne


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
It was great talking to you tonight. Glad to hear that you are getting past the Winners tragedy. Also so happy to hear that you like your new oncologist.
We'll be thinking about you next week when you get your scan.
Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne and all,
Glad to hear that you like your new doctor - I'm sure having a comfort level with the person you trust with your care is extremely important in the overall picture. We, too, will be thinking about you next week and hope and pray that you get encouraging scan results. We'll watch your blog for an update. Love, Nick and Lorraine

Patti said...

Hi Joanne,
Great picture! You guys look great. Glad all is well in Regina and you are officially settled in now. Good luck with all of the scans, we'll be thinking of you.
I'm a Winner's fan too. So what were we supposed to do about that...close our eyes and hope for the best? Oh well. Better go check my statements. Hi to all.

Anonymous said...

HI Joanne, It would be a tragedy if I could no longer shop at Winner's, Homesense or TJ Maxx!!!! However, I also better check my statements because as you know I am there A LOT!!!
I am thrilled to hear that you like your new oncologist. That link and trust are both very important to your overall sense of well being.
I will be praying for you on January 25th and hoping that your scan results are positive.
Love, Loretta

Anonymous said...

Great picture - curled up with Michelle, the dog and watching a movie - what more could you ask - hope it was a comedy chick flick! Glad to hear you have calmed down about Winners, HA - only positive thoughts! Very good to hear your new oncologist is closer than Wpg and to have a comfort level is important too. Another positive - Take care and keep us all posted.
P & G

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne
Good to hear you are doing well and keeping busy. I don't think I could keep up with you. Life sure has been full for you!
I'm looking forward to hearing how the scan goes and praying for the best.