Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Week Off" and more news from Shanghai and Hangzhou..........

This is the week in the month that is totally free from treatments! Yippeeeeeee.... I'm feeling fine, fatigue an issue, but that is pretty normal, especially considering that my blood counts have been on the low side....

So....... I have a free week.........

Our movers arrive to do the packing beginning August 2.........it is lousy timing for me as I have a "big" treatment August 1, but mom will be her and I will move to a hotel room for the duration of packing, so it should work out better than it seems...

Another update from Mom..... They are doing GREAT, sounds like it really has been the trip of a lifetime... here's a little excert:

Greetings from rainy Hangzhou! We arrived by bus this morning and it has been raining all day, but that didn't stop us from taking a one-hour walk at the West Lake. Beautiful scenery, and although it was pouring, it was still hot. Yesterday in Shanghai was another amazing day. In the morning we toured Old Shanghai and went to a market created from a former Temple. Lunch at McDonald's before the afternoon concert. The concert hall really had to be seen to believe. The kids gave a great concert in an acoustically-perfect theatre. Only a couple of years old. It was well received and attended by a Canadian Trade Ambassador who went backstage afterwards to greet them.


apprentice said...

I'm glad you've got a wee break. I hope you managed to do something nice before packing takes over.
I can empathise on the fatigue business, horrible how your energy just ebbs away, like a flat battery in a Duracell bunny!

Heatwave continues here. Last time we had heat like this was 1975!
Nieves and I did a week away last week at a beautiful garden. We did a wee bit of voluteering, and got a free cottage in the grounds. It was lovely, and right by the sea.
She had an MRI today on her spine to see what the tumour is up to. She's been feeling really well, and pain free, so here's hoping it's gone quiet for a bit. Matt won a his first big golf competition today with his best ever score. Handicap is now 5 and likely to be cut again.

Your Mum's amazing.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling ok and that you have a week "off". I tried calling the other day, but you were in Grand Forks...sounds exciting. Good luck with the movers!

Anonymous said...

Yay to treatment-free week! And so glad you're not trying to get involved with packing. Bleah. :p

I LOVE your mom. :) So envious of their trip to China, how exciting.

Be rested soonest, dear Joanne.