Sunday, June 11, 2006

Feeling very good

No, I'm not travelling to Minneapolis right now, but I do feel pretty good... the "week off" turned into 2 weeks off chemo and I'm really feeling very recovered.

The photo (right) was taken about a month ago when the boys and Gord and I went on a quick trip to Minneapolis, Mall of America, etc... we had a great time....

This week is the "big" treatment - Cisplatin and Gemzar, I am not looking forward to it, but the task is just to get through it.... Tuesday is treatment day, and mom arrives Monday - her presense is always an absolute godsend.... she keeps us all sane!


apprentice said...

Well done on the blog missus.
Like the colour, it's not too pink!
Hope treatment goes well, and that your Mum is a big support. I know there's so much going on just now your wee head must be in a whirl.

Love as ever

claire said...

Hello Joanne, Great idea to establish the blog. Hope to see you in person soon. We just moved so have lots of boxes if that would help. Sending +++ energy and love. Claire

T said...

Hi from Edm Airport. I'm on my way to Peterborough for the week. Good work on the blog thing! Smart for a girl. And very cute!